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Safe Driving Tips

Nothing will hike up your auto insurance rates faster than an accident or a ticket. Here are a few safe driving tips that can help prevent an accident, thus saving you money on insurance.

Make Sure You're Fit to Drive

You should never operate a vehicle when you're tired, angry, or intoxicated. If you feel tired, pull over to the side of the road until you feel alert enough to get behind the wheel. Don't ever drive drunk-the price you will pay for it will be infinitely higher than just calling a cab or a friend. The better shape you're in to drive, the better you will be able to avoid an accident and an increase in your auto insurance rates.

Get Your Car Road-Ready

Keep your car well-maintained to help avoid unnecessary accidents. You should regularly check your fluids, tire pressure, etc. Also make sure your windows and mirrors are clean so you have good visibility. If you can't maintain your car on your own, make sure you take it into a professional regularly to help you do so.

Avoid Dangerous Conditions

You are much more likely to get into a wreck in dangerous driving conditions, so avoid these conditions whenever possible. Try to avoid driving in bad weather, during heavy traffic, or late at night. Wrecks happen at higher rates in these conditions, which means you are more likely to risk increasing your auto insurance rates because of a collision.

Pay Attention

If you have ever looked around on the road, sometimes it seems like drivers are doing everything else except driving. In a world saturated with cell phones, satellite radio, CD changers, GPS systems, and fast food, it's easy to get distracted when you drive. But when you drive distracted, you increase your chances of an accident exponentially. When you're on the road, try not to do anything else but focus completely on driving. If you have to do other things, wait until you're at a stoplight or pull over to the side of the road. The incentives for doing so are more than just safety-most insurance companies offer discounted auto insurance rates for drivers without accidents within a certain number of years.